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Is Monal Following The Foot Prints Of Abhijeet?

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu: Looks like Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Monal Gajjar is following the footprints of Abhijeet. The show is garnering a lot of attention from the audience and show buffs. If you are a regular show lover, then you might have seen some major changes in Monal’s behavior.

Abhijeet and Akhil were seen fighting for Monal in few episodes. Monal is the main reason for Akhil and Abhijeet to become enemies in the house. Recently, during the nomination process, it was a choice between Akhil and Monal to nominate one among these two for this week’s eviction. Monal requested Akhil that she doesn’t want to be in this week’s eviction. Akhil had a choice to save her but he didn’t do it. On top of it, Akhil nominated her by saying that you are not performing well in the tasks, people will have more value and power who do best in the task to stay in the house.

There’s no doubt, Monal might have hurt with his words that could be the reason, she is seen ignoring Akhil these days. In the latest episode, Monal is seen hugging and playing with Avinash in the house. Speculations are doing the rounds that is Monal shifted her focus towards Avinash?

During the initial stages of the show, Abhijeet was so close to Monal, but, when he learned Monal is lying about him. Abhijeet also started ignoring her and he developed a special bond with Harika. In this context, Monal might be stepping into the shoes of Abhijeet in avoiding Akhil. Do you agree with us? Please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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