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Is Harika’s Remuneration For Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Higher Than Abhijeet?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Dethadi Harika is a popular youtuber who is well known to Telugu audience through her videos in Youtube. Even before stepping into the season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu reality show she has a huge fan base, in view of that the Bigg Boss makers have approached Harika to take part in their Bigg Boss Telugu 4 as one of the contestants.

After Stepping into the Bigg Boss show she gradually increased her fan base and gave tough competition to male contestants in all the games including the captaincy. She is the only female contestant who has become a contender for captaincy for 11 times in 13 weeks. She managed to reach finals despite a strong fan base for the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 title winner Abhijeet.

Harika became much popular with her adorable friendship with Abhijeet, but later landed in a controversy after she separated herself from Abhijeet and moved close to Akhil. This led to a drop in her voting percentage and she managed to be in the Top 5 finalist race of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4. In view of her craze Bigg boss makers have reportedly offered her a remuneration which is equal to Abhijeet i.e Rs 40,000 per day as she has stayed in the bigg Boss house for 15 weeks she might have earned Rs 42,00,000 from the Show. Abhijeet emerged as title winner and earned Rs 25,0000 as prize money along with his remuneration.

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