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Is Avinash Trying To Make Ariyana Jealous?

by Bellamkonda

Hyderabad: Jabardasth Avinash became a household name even before he stepped into the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu. He entered in the first month of the show launched as a wild card entry. He has been entertaining the audience with his comedy antics. A section of the audience gave him a tagline on social media ‘Best Wild Card Entry Ever’.

In a recent episode, there was a Humans vs Demons task, the 12 contestants were divided into two groups. Monal was in Humans and Avinash was in Demons tasks. During the task, they both were seeing hugging and speaking to each other about their task. Avinash and Monal romance didn’t well go with the audience. They are expressing their own views on Twitter. A few sections of the audience are saying that Avinash is trying to make Ariyana and Akhil jealous by getting close to Monal.

The reason all show lovers would know that something is brewing between Avinash and Ariyana as the latter doesn’t want to get distracted by the show that’s why she seems to ignore him. On the other hand, recently, Abhijeet performed few dance steps with Ariyana during one of the weekend episodes, since then, Ariyana is getting blush whenever Abhijeet names come and she also asked him Why are you not to talking to Monal.

Ariyana also suggested Abhijeet talk to Monal but Abhijeet didn’t pay any heed to her word. Is Avinash really upset with Ariyana as she is getting close to Abhijeet? Apparently, Avinash might have used Monal to know the same pain to Ariyana. If you have watched the show, you would know How Ariyana’s face was, when Avinash was playing with Monal. We don’t know why Avinash behaved but it could also be part of the game.

It is for the first time, Avinash has been nominated for this week’s eviction.  We are pretty sure, Avinash wouldn’t get eliminate any time soon and he has the capability of reaching into finals. We shouldn’t be surprised if he walks with the winner title also because he deserves it. 

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