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Is Akhil’s Secret Room Entry Bigg Boss Trap To Eliminate Abhijeet?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the most popular Telugu reality shows and now the season 4 of Bigg Boss show has completed more than 60 episodes and is inching towards finales. There were only a few days left for the finals and all the Bigg Boss contestants delivering their best efforts to be in the top race of finals. In yesterday’s episode surprisingly Bigg Boss eliminated Akhil and sent him into a secret room, from where he can closely monitor the activities of all the housemates.

Bigg Boss’ decision to send Akhil into a secret room is very much beneficial to Akhil as he can clearly understand the game plan of all the contestants by watching them carefully and play the game better after he is re-sent into the House.

Similarly in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 Rahul Sipligunj was sent into the secret room and given the same flexibility and re entered him into the house which helped Rahul to better perform in the tasks and finally he emerged as the title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3.  Even Rahul had a love track with Punarnavi in the season 3 like Akhil and Monal in this season.

So Akhil is carefully monitoring the way other housemates, especially Abhijeet’s game strategy and how he is speaking about him behind his back. So with this it is clear that the secret room entry of Akhil is a clear advantage to him over Abhijeet. Bigg Boss who had understood that Abhijeet had a strong fan base might have this decision to make the game tougher to him and make teh show a interesting other than giving Abhijeet one side victory.

After Akhil’s entry into secret room Abhijeet was confused about Akhil’s elimination and speaking ill about Akhil which might land him in trouble as Bigg Boss is showing this footage to audience as well as Akhil. So Abhijeet might lose audience support and even Akhil will surely revolt against Abhijeet as soon as he makes re-entry into Bigg Boss house.

Meanwhile Monal and Sohail were broken into tears after Akhil gets eliminated, as they both have chosen him as the strong contestant who needs to get eliminated from the show. Bigg Boss also plans to regain the TRP by clearing all misunderstandings between Akhil and Monal, so Bigg Boss also shows Akhil the footage of Monal’s loneliness during Akhil’s absence in the house.

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