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Harika Mother Accepts Abhijeet Harika Love, Green Signal To Marriage

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Who wouldn’t be without liking Abhijeet or Harika’s cute pair of Bigg Boss Telugu 4? Truth be told, they are looking so cute and adorable in the house. That’s not all, Abhijeet and Harika will be with each other through thick and thin. All of their fans are eagerly waiting for them to take their friendship next level. Show buffs are waiting to hear the news of the cute couple are in a relationship.

The contestants’ family are going to grace the show in tonight’s episode. One among all is Harika’s mother and she is seen saying that I don’t have any problem of accepting the Abhijeet-Harika relationship.

Harika mother said that it would be obvious that there is a relationship between Harika and Abhijeet, but it is purely friendship and if it is love they dont have problem accepting Abhijeet- Harika love. If Abhijeet parents say okay with Harika, I’m ready to send my daughter to their home as a daughter in law. Harika’s mother indirectly said ‘Yes’ to their wedding.

But, it all depends on Abhijeet and Harika’s hands, they have to confess feelings to each other before we imaging their wedding. Let’s wait and watch how long they continue their relationship after the show.

It is worth mentioning that TV Anchor Lasya Manjunath has been eliminated from the show as she garnered fewer votes compared to rest of the nominated contestants.

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