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Watch: Harika Cuts Her Hair For Bigg Boss, Breakdown into Tears

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 which has completed 5 weeks now entered the sixth week and the show is getting interesting every day. In the latest episode promo, Bigg Boss asks one of the male contestants to chop the clothes on their body.

For the task Sai kumar had chopped his clothes, following this for the second round of the task Bigg Boss orders that any one of the girls in the house were asked to chop their hair.  Akhil and a few contestants like Divi and Akhil try to convince Harika to get a haircut. But Harika strongly opposes that and said that she had promised her brother not to cut her hair in the bigg boss house.

But finally she was convinced to chop her hair, as none of the girls were ready to chop their hair. Finally she was seen sitting in a chair in the garden area and other housemates were chopping her to shoulder length. But she was seen crying and said sorry to her brother for breaking the promise.

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