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Harika Clarifies Over Abijeet Calling Her As Sister

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Abhijeet and Harika names are enough to recognize them and they were the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Abhijeet won the title and Harika was one of the top five finalists. She was the frist contestant to get evicted among top five finalists on the grand finale followed by Ariyana and Sohel. Abhijeet and Harika are giving back to back interviews to various portals and the Bigg Boss show made them restless.

Everyone thought that Abhijeet and Harika are seeing each other during their stay in the house. Abika fans were sharing their photos on social now and then. But, Abhijeet in an interview stated that He will consider Harika as a sister and they don’t have any special feelings for each other. When she was asked why Abhijeet called you sister. She said that we used to be good friends in the house and I don’t know why it got portray in wrong away. We still are good friends and I’m very much happy with his success. I will meet him soon as he became the busiest person after the show.

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