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Watch: Harika Akhil Kiss: Netizens Troll Harika As Snake For Insulting Abhijeet Twice

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Dethadi Harika who is known for her best performance in all the tasks in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 , has now losing her fame with the silly mistakes after Nagarjuna had warned her over her favourism for Abhijeet by neglecting Monal, who helped her in becoming the captain.

Harika has completely lost the game spirit after Nagarjuna’s warning and she started avoiding Abhijeet and moving close to Akhil, Sohel and Monal. She had started flirting with Akhil which didn’t go well with audience, as there are so many fans for cute bond between Abhijeet and Harika and named them as #Abika , so with the sudden change in Harika’s behaviour and taking U turn from Abhijeet and moving closing to Akhil, audience started disliking her and trolling her on social media platforms.

In today’s nominations task, Harika had twice insulted Abhijeet in first case she intentionally avoids giving hug to Abhijeet and hugs AKhil, and then in the task Sohel was seen kissing her, following which even Akhil demands a kiss from Harika for which Harika didn’t strongly oppose. Even though Harika didn’t kiss Akhil, netizens troll Harika and Akhil flirting as unbearable.

Netizens started trolling Harika as Snake Queen of Snakes, and a few of her fans also commented saying that they have started disliking her for the first time in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 show.

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