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Shocking! Gangavva To Exit From Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Soon As Per Agreement

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Even though most of the audience of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 were upset with selection of contestants and feel bored to watch the routine fights and emotional scenes between the contestants, but the only thing which is more entertaining the audience is Gangavva.

Despite poor selection of contestants, most of the people continue to watch the Bigg Boss show only for Gangavva. But now buzz is that Gangavva soon will exit from the house as she is unable to stay comfortably in a locked house like Bigg Boss as she enjoys staying in a village atmosphere.

But her exit news is disappointing Gangavva fans who had voted for her, she is an overall entertainer in the house with her funny comedy punches and satires on housemates. Gangavva turned as a lady Baahubali by entertaining all sections of audience with her all round entertainment skills.

Buzz is that Bigg Boss show makers had made a five weeks agreement with Gangavva to stay in the house. But by staying just for a week Gangavva requested Nagarjuna publicly to send her back to her village, which had triggered rumors that Gangavva will not stay in the house for more weeks.

But However teh Bigg Boss makers, Nagarjuna are not willing to send Gangavva from house keeping in view of her fan’s base, and audience interest in watching this show only for Gangavva.

Even there is no chance for Gangavva to get eliminated from the Biigg Boss show with less votes as she had strong fan base, and will get majority of teh votes from them even though she gets nominated for the Elimination.

Even Bigg Boss makers were also treating her as a special contestants and even arranged a special washroom for her.

But Gangavva is not willing to stay in the house even for 5 weeks as per the agreement, and buzz is that she might get exit from the Bigg boss ouse through personal appeal to show makers.

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