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Reasons behind Divi elimination from Biggboss Telugu 4

by Bellamkonda
Here Are Few Possible Reasons For Divi Elimination!

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is turning out to be a successful season compared to other seasons. As you all know, Samantha hosted Bigg Boss Telugu as a Dasara special. The other reason also you might aware that Akkineni Nagarjuna is busy with ‘Wild Dog’ shoot and the makers have replaced her in Nagarjuna’s place.

For those who are new to the story, Divi Vadthya was evicted from the show. Once again show lovers started blaming the show organizers for the voting system and demanding answers to why they are targeting strong contestants in the house. We don’t know the real answers for Divi elimination but here are a few reasons behind her elimination.

The fourth season Bigg Boss is running with a love track between Akhil-Monal. Other few contestants are playing the safe game as a couple of example – Avinash-Ariyana and Abhijeet-Harika, it’s crystal clear they are friends in the house but they are playing the game as a Jodi which has become a plus point to them.

While coming to Divi, she is a straight forward person and she never likes to pretend as a friend. Divi is a very much introvert person and it takes a lot of time for Divi to become friends with others. In Bigg Boss Telugu 4, she was with only a selected person and she has spent more time with Amma Rajasekhar. When it’s a game, people should mingle with others but Divi couldn’t share a good rapport with other housemates that’s could be another reason for her elimination.

Divi never tried for footage in the house and she always used to search for real content to impress the audience. The real thing Divi hasn’t realized that she has to impress organizers, not the audience. Because at the end show organizers are eliminating the contestants based upon their own and they are least bothered about the votes.

Another minus point, Divi forgot to play her own game rather than focusing on Amma Rajasekhar. The reasons for Divi elimination for not maintaining a healthy relationship with other contestants, spending so much time with Amma Rajasekhar, and not being Jodi to anyone. These reasons might have led to her elimination. It is worth mentioning, we are not saying these on our own and netizens are pointing out these points on social media.

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