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Divi Break Up Story: Divi Opens Up About Her Love And Break Up Story

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 contestant Divi Vadthya is one of the most like contestant by the Telugu audience in the Bigg Boss show, she had impressed the audience with her cute expression and adorable smile. She is one of the most popular female contestants of Bigg Boss for this season, and  she is enjoying an unexpected following and huge fan base even after getting eliminated from Bigg Boss 4.

Netizens appreciating Divi for her straight forward nature and following the same in the Bigg Boss house for 50 days. Bigg Boss show lovers were impressed by her way of dressing beautiful smile and looks. Divi also acted in Mahesh Babu’s ‘Maharshi’ movie

Now the most searched topic on Social media about Divi is her love and break up story. Divi opens up about her past relationship with a guy and their break up story. Divi said that she had been in a relationship with the son of Shashi Kanth and Devika Vaidya for a few years and even decided to get married, but after that things didn’t work out between them which led to their break up.

But Divi said that he is a nice guy who is really good at his heart, but due a small disturbance that raised in Guy’s family after his brother death, they both got separated after Divi’s boyfriend asked her to get married to him and shift to the village permanently for which Divi couldn’t say yes. Divi also said that she left him as he has asked her to stop modelling profession.

Divi said that It is good to be single. In fact, Divi told that she feels like living life to the fullest after her break up. she said that she is living life in a way that she actually wants to leave without any restrictions. Divi said she was correct even when she was in a relationship. Their parents also said in an interview about Divi’s love story. Divi’s parents said that Divi and that guy had some personal differences and mismatch of their opinions and that led to their break up with mutual understanding.

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