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Devi Nagavalli Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, Saves Ariyana From Nomination Next Week

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Devi Nagavalli Eliminated yes it is none other than Devi who is one of the strong contestants  in the Bigg Boss Telugu Show evicted from the Bigg boss show. The third week elimination in the Bigg boss Telugu Season 4, had gained much public attention and ended up as expected with the eviction of Tv9 anchor Devi Nagavalli.

Devi Nagavalli and Sai Kumar remained in the danger zone with least votes and at last host nagarjuna announced that Devi was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Ariyana breaks down and cries after Devi was eliminated and she was leaving the house.

Devi is the third contestant who got eliminated after Surya Kiran and Karate Kalyani. All the contestants becomes emotional while Devi Nagvalli leaving the Bigg Boss house.

 In the last weekend Dethadi Harika escaped from double elimination and Karate Kalyani was evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Now the third elimination left the audience a bit surprised as she is one of the strongest contestant, but her arrogant nature failed to impress the audience of Bigg Boss Show, which had finally led her eviction from the Bigg Boss house.

A section of audience even started trolling Devi for targeting Amma Rajashekar. Devi is lagging behind other contestants in terms of votes.

Let us have a look at the percentage of votes received by the seven contestants Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Sai Kumar, Mehaboob, Monal and Harika who were nominated for the elimination in the third week.

Devi – 3 %
Lasya – 24 %
Ariyana – 6%
Sai Kumar – 26 %
Mehaboob – 4 %
Monal – 12 %
Harika – 11%
As Devi and Mehaboob followed by Aryina had secured the least votes and Devi walked out of the house this weekend.

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