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Bigg Boss Sunday Episode Highlights: Dethadi Harika Saved From Elimination | Dog Bone Task Turns Hilarious

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss had given a new twist in Sunday’s episode by saving Dethadi Harika from Elimination and had frightened her with fake elimination in episode 15 aired on Sunday and saved her at the last moment.

In the Monday episode Promo Dethadi Harika was seen angry on Mehboob who had nominated her for elimination.

Highlights of Bigg boss Telugu Sunday Episode :

The Bigg Boss Sundays Episode 15 starts with Karate Kalyani naming the top 5 and bottom 5 contestants in the house according to her opinion.

The Sunday episode turned into the most hilarious episode with the Dog and Bone game in the house. Meanwhile Dethadi Harika was eliminated from the house.

Gangavva Wins in the Dog and Bone game and was seen dancing energetically for Paisa Vasool song and defeats Sai Kumar Pampana In the Game. Noel Defeated in the Game with Mukku Avinash and Avinash keeps lipstick on Noel by closing his eyes.

Seven contestants Amma Rajashekar, Sohail,Monal, Abhijeet, Sai kumar, Harika and Noel remained in the danger zone were given balloons in which there were glitters of red and green color those who got red glitters in their balloons were said to be in danger zone while one who gets green were in safe zone. Initially Abhijeet and Sai Kumar were in a safe zone as they received green glitters in  their balloons.

Even Rajashekar Saved from Elimination, followed by Sohail, and Noel saved from elimination.

Among the two Monal And Harika, Harika Was Eliminated and asked to come out of the House. Finally she was also saved from Elimination.

Following that Nagarjuna had asked the housemates to play Dog and Bone game which started with Abhijeet and Akhil who had to move around a marked circle which has a bone and they had to take that above immediately when the music stopped.

Nagarjuna saved her by giving a warning that no body should self nominate themselves from Bigg Boss house from now.

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Following the housemates choice Harika was Eliminated and in the last moment she was saved from the elimination by Nagarjuna. Housemates expressed their over saving Harika from Elimination.

Even Harika become emotional after announcing her as eliminated contestant from show and hugs Abhijeeth while she was about to leave the house. Finally She was saved and housemates expressed their pleasure over Bigg Boss saving Harika from Elimination.

Bigg boss Makers were trying to make the episodes more entertaining with new tasks, and the tasks performed by contestants on Sunday turned hilarious.

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