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Dethadi Harika opens about relationship with Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

Hyderabad: Dethadi Harika became household during her stint in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Post the show, Contestants like Abhijeet, Ariyana, Sohel and Akhil were seen giving interviews to various online portals except Harika. If you are Harika fan, then this piece of news is for you. If you may be recalled, Abhijeet and Harika used to be a cute pair in Bigg Boss house. Many of them thought that they both are in a relationship. Harika’s mother also mentioned in one his interview that she would accept Abhijeet as a son-in-law if they are in a serious relationship.

Surprisingly, Abhijeet shocked everyone by saying that she treats Harika as a sister. On top, Abhijeet also said that we used to be as a sister and brother in the house and I don’t understand why makers haven’t telecasted those episodes.
Off late, Harika gave an interview to a leading tabloid, she was asked what’s an equation between you and Abhijeet.   Finally, she gave replied to Abhijeet’s words by saying that  “Abijeet and I have a very organic friendship. We both shared a very good comfort level and used to chill all the time. In fact, we used to call each other brother and sister all the time, it’s just that they did not telecast those bits. I was surprised to learn that people were linking us up — in reality, we were friends and will remain so,” she said.

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