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Chiranjeevi Gifts Rs 10 lakh Cheque To Mehboob, Details Inside

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The audience has given its verdict. After three months of being tied up in the house, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has finally got its winner. It is Abhijeet, who is best known for her the movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’. The movie has been termed as a decent hit by fans and critics, but fans have still liked contestants like Sohel, Ariyana and Harika.

The finale was an emotional one with family members talking about how proud they’re of the journey of their loved ones inside the house. Harika and Ariyana were the first to get evicted in the grand finale. Are you thinking who won Rs 10 lakh without reaching to finals? He is none other than Sohel’s dearest friend Mehboob. Sohel has got a chance to take brief case with cash prize money of Rs 25 lakhs in final round of elimination. Sohel has taken the amount and walked out from the title race.

First, Sohel thought to give Rs 10 lakhs from the orphanage but after coming to stage Sohel said he wants to give Rs 5 lakh to Mehboob from the orphanage amount. Nagarjuna is a man with a gold heart told Sohel not to give any amount to the orphanage that the host will donate to orphange on behalf of Sohel. When Chiranjeevi came to the show to announce the winner, Nagarjuna narrated Sohel and Mehboob’s story to them. Guess what? Chiranjeevi wrote a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs to Mehboob and asked him to use it for his parents. In this context, Mehboob earned Rs 10 lakh without entering into finals. It’s time to appreciate our beloved actors Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi for their kind gesture towards Sohel and Mehboob.

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