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Bigg Boss TRP Plan Backfires: Harika Turns Against Bigg Boss For Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Akkineni Nagarjuna’s is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 and the show is running successfully in terms of TRPs ratings. That’s not all, Bigg Boss is also coming up with different strategies to impress the audience as well as to give tough tasks for the contestants.

In a recent episode, Abhijeet and Harika were paired together and one should nominate for this week’s eviction. After talking with each other, they should reveal their name to Bigg Boss.

The conversation between Abhijeet and Harika, Abhijeet said I have been nominating for the past weeks and I don’t have any hope that I would be saved if I nominate for this week’s eviction. Will you please nominate yourself for this week. Harika said to Abhijeet that we were together in nominations since the show except in one week as I was saved.

Harika said that we both are equal here. This is not comprising week as we all are here to with a goal to become a winner. She even shot a question to Bigg Boss, it is an unfair nomination for both of us. I won’t be happy even if I nominated you. I really don’t like to nominate you but I’m left with no choice.

Harika said that she can’t even tell your name to Bigg Boss and she broke into tears. She told him that I don’t talk until you are safe this week. Looks like Bigg Boss planned didn’t work with these pair. If you may have noticed, Abhijeet started ignoring Monal ever since he learned the truth about her.

Abhijeet is getting close to Harika and Bigg Boss might have thought to erupt fights between these two. Sadly, it didn’t work Abhijeet did sacrifice to Harika. Abhijeet gave preference to friendship rather than a game.

Netizens were claiming that he is unfit for the show and he can’t perform well in the task. He has health issues that’s why unable to give best in the tasks but playing game genuinely by giving value to friendship.

 మరోవైపు అఖిల్, మోనాల్‌ జంటగా వచ్చారు. అందులో అఖిల్ తనను తాను సేవ్ చేసుకుంటానని చెప్పాడు.<br />

If you take an instance Akhil, he saved himself from eviction and nominated Monal as she is not doing anything show. It remains to be seen who will face from this week’s eviction.

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