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Bigg Boss To Eliminate This Contestant For Saving Monal From Last Week Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Akkineni Nagarjun hasted show has been hitting the headlines with its drama-packed episodes. However, the current season heading towards becoming a disaster. In a recent episode, Nagarjuna said that the show hits another milestone and bagged 10. 5 cr votes in last week.

All thanks to Abhijeet and Akhil fans. It’s a known fact Mukku Avinash was evicted from the house. Now, six contestants are locked up in the house and all of them have nominated for this week’s eviction. Looks like Harika and Ariyana are in danger zone.

We could guess that Dethadi Harika might face eviction this weekend. We have been waiting for a long time that Monal Gajjar could get eliminated but makers might push her to the top five. Another strong reason why Monal could save this week is that All Akhil fans would vote for her.

If Akhil fans don’t vote for Monal then she could be in the danger zone but there are most chances for her to get save from eviction as she is the adopted daughter of Bigg Boss and Nagarjuna. Even Ariyana will get out of the danger zone as she has strong fan base and Harika is at high risk for elimination as Abhijeet fans are angry on her and they won’t vote for her this week, even though she is moving close to AKhil and Monal, Akhil fans will not vote for her they choose to save Monal. So Harika might step out from the Bigg Boss house this weekend.

It is easy to guess that one female contestant among three could get eliminated from the house this weekend. One lady contestant is in the danger zone and all the male contestants have a strong fan following outside the house. Anyhow, they are save for this week. Who do you think will get eliminated this weekend. Let us know in the comments section below.

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