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Bigg Boss To Eliminate Sohel This Week With Red Card, Find Out Why

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has completed 96 episodes and just two weeks left for the grand finale which will be held on December 20.There are only six contestants Abhijeet, AKhil, Sohel, Harika, Ariyana and Monal left in the Bigg Boss house for the title race to season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu. Among them  Sohel, Abhijeet, Harika, Monal and Ariyana have been nominated for this week’s eviction one among them will be eliminated this weekend which will be last elimination for this season 4 and the rest five will be in the Top 5 race for the title trophy of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is in its 14th week and all the contestants are focusing hard to make steady progress. The popular reality show has been a roller-coaster ride and it’s mind-boggling twists have managed to keep the audiences glued to their seats since the first day. If reports are to be believed Bigg Boss is going to eliminate Sohel during the last week elimination process by showing the red card, to increase the vote bank for Akhil to make him a strong competitor against Abhijeet. Elimination of Sohel will help Akhil as he is close friend of sohel, so Sohel fans also will vote for Akhil.

There is buzz that Monal, Harika and Sohel are in the danger zone, one among these two are expected to leave the house this weekend. If Bigg Boss goes by voting then Harika will get a place in top 5 or if Bigg Boss chooses to save Monal and Harika and eliminate Sohel then both Harika and Monal will be in top 5. Who would think will be in the top five between Harika and Monal? Do let us know in the comments section below

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