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Bigg Boss To Eliminate Lasya For Saving Monal From This Week Elimination, Analysis

by Bellamkonda

HYDERBAD: After Mehboob’s elimination, Bigg Boss announced a task for the remaining constants. The nomination list for the eleventh week has already been leaked on social media. All the strong contestants are in the nomination list. Abhijeet, Lasya, Sohel, Harika, Monal and Ariyana are nominated for eviction. 

Now, from the nominated contestants, Anchor Lasya has very less chance of getting evicted from the Bigg Boss house. The other contestants could save from this crucial elimination.Anchor Lasya is not very entertaining contestants and she seems to be a weak contestant of this week.

You may ask us about Monal but she will getting support from Akhil’s fans as he is not in nominations. So Bigg Boss all set to eliminate Lasya this week to save his favourite contestant Monal from elimination, as the rest Abhijeet, Ariyana, Harika, Sohel are the strong contestants and now Monal and Lasya will be in the danger zone following which Bigg Boss will asusual will choose Lasya for elimination and save Monal.

She is also favourite contestant of Nagarjuna, so, she may not get evicted this weekend.  It is being said that Anchor Lasya  will is likely to leave the house this weekend. It’s too early to talk about elimination because it ultimately depends upon audience votings and let’s wait and watch how far this prediction comes true.

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