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Akhil Asks Monal To Kiss him Infront Of Nagarjuna In BB4

by Bellamkonda

Hyderabad: Akhil Sarthak and Monal Gajjar always manage to be in the headlines for their love track in the house. Show lovers are widely discussing on social media that Nagarjuna and show organizers are being partial to Akhil and Monal Gajjar. They are highlighting Monal’s love track during the show.

During Kumar Sai’s elimination, Nagarjuna called Monal to the confession room. Akhil thought Monal might be eliminated and his face expression was totally changed and show organizers have highlighted his expression. Later, they also showed their hug romance in the house.Akhil and Monal love track and romance is not going well with the audience. The love track is also one of the main reason for the show TRPs rating seems to be a dip. But, still, they are planning only this type of content to create a hype amongst the show buffs.

In a recent release promo, Akhil is seeing asking Monal a kiss as a part of the task. Akhil couldn’t get as he got distracted with Ariyana. Akhil might have a kiss feeling towards  Monal for a long time. But, he couldn’t get ask as it is a reality show.  Looks the makers of the show have planned an excellent script for him. It remains to be seen whether Monal really kissed Akhil or not in tonight’s episode. Can’t wait to watch.

Our dear viewers, we have interesting news for you all. All the nominated contestants for this week’s eviction are safe as there’s no elimination in tonight episode.

But Monal again kisses Avinash in today’s episode, following which Nagarjuna makes fun of Avinash.

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