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Bigg Boss Telugu Week 6 Elimination: Divi and Noel In Danger Zone | Divi or Noel To Be Eliminated This week

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has entered into the sixth week and there are 15 contestants in the house. This week, nine contestants have been nominated for the Elimination process. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is running as good mix of unexpected twists and turns in terms of tasks and elimination of contestants and entertaining the audience.

Abhijeet, Ariyana, Akhil, Divi, Noel,  Harika, Kumar Sai, Lasya, and Monal are in nominations this week, one among these 9 contestants will be eliminated from the house this weekend.

bigg boss 4 divi

Now as per the poll results of audience, Noel, Divi and Ariyana who were one of the strong contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 are in the bottom 2 in terms of audience polls. Buzz is that Divi, Noel and Ariyana are in Danger zone this week and one among them will be eliminated this weekend.

But in Bigg Boss house anything may happen, the votes will be further subjected to changes depending on the screen space given to them in the coming episodes before closing of the voting process for Week 6 elimination process in Bigg Boss.

Meanwhile five Bigg Boss housemates nominated Divi for week elimination and Noel was nominated by Divi. Even Divi was not performing well in the physical tasks in bigg boss. So we have to wait and watch to see who will get eliminated this weekend.

List Of Contestants Nominated :

  1. Ariyana Nominates Mehaboob, Monal
  2. Divi Nominates Noel, Mehaboob
  3. Noel Nominates Divi, Abhijeet
  4. Harika Nominates Ariyana, Sai Kumar
  5. Abhijeth Nominates Mehaboob, Akhil
  6. Lasya Nominates Mehaboob, Divi
  7. Mehaboob Nominates Divi, Ariyana
  8. Sohail Nominates Ariyana, Sai Kumar
  9. Amma Rajashekar Nominates Lasya, Abhijeet
  10. Avinash Nominates Divi, Abhi
  11. Monal Nominates Ariyana, Divi
  12. Akhil Nominates Abhijeet, Ariyana
  13. Kumar Sai Nominates Harika, Monal

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