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Bigg Boss Telugu Third Week Voting : Mehaboob Eliminated With Least Votes, Ariyina In Danger Zone

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the last weekend Dethadi Harika escaped from double elimination and Karate Kalyani was evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Now the third elimination will take place in this weekend Buzz is that Mehaboob Dil Se or Aryina might get eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 as they are lagging behind other contestants in terms of votes.

Let us have a look at the percentage of votes received by the seven contestants Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Sai Kumar, Mehaboob, Monal and Harika who were nominated for the elimination in the third week.

Have a look at the voting percentage received by nominated contestants:

Devi – 17 %
Lasya – 24 %
Ariyana – 6%
Sai Kumar – 26 %
Mehaboob – 4 %
Monal – 12 %
Harika – 11%

As Mehaboob and Aryina had secured the least votes they were were reportedly in the danger zone when compared with all other contestants. One among the two will walk out of the house this weekend. But there are more chances for Mehaboob to face eviction this weekend. Swathi Deekshith had reportedly completed the quarantine required for entering the Bigg Boss Telugu House this week. Buzz is that Mehabboob Dil See will be out from the Bigg Boss house this week.

Even the performance of Mehaboob in Humans Vs Robots also created a negative opinion on hime in audience and netizens trolled him for his vulgar comments on opposite team members. After Robot team members kidnapped Divi following the kidnapping advice of Abhijeet, Mehaboob lost his control and was seen using offensive language against opposite team members. Added to that the performance of Mehaboob and Aryina glory are not quite impressive in terms of tasks. Meanwhile Bigg boss had entered Swathi Deekshith as a new wild card into the house.

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