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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Updates : Gangavva Rocks Bigg Boss Shocks With A Epic Reply In A single Dialogue…!

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The 58-year-old Gangavva who became an inspiration to several people to start their YouTube channels, had won the hearts of all telugu people with her innocence on the first day of Bigg Boss season 4. In the latest released promo on September 7 Gangavva shocks Bigg Boss when she was asked to nominate one of the contestant from Abhijeet and Harika for the elimination.

Big Boss had just begun the process of the first elimination in the House. Bigg Boss makers released a promo released and in the video Bigg boss ordered house members to nominate any two contestants for the elimination and close the doors of windows on their face behind which they were standing.

Abhijeet and Harika were finally left to face the nomination. Gangava has yet to comment on the nomination of the two.

Jordar Sujatha and anchor Lasya had asked Gangavva who would she nominate? ‘ Gangava decided that both should be there.

Youtuber Gangavva gave a epic reply saying that both the contestants have entered the house only a day before and she doesn’t nominate anyone. With her reply all the contestants started laughing, Bigg Boss was left in shock and we haveto watch and watch how Bigg Boss reply of Gangavva.

Gangava gained a huge fan base both inside and outside the Bigg Boss house. She was popular with “My Village” show. Even those who have not seen the Bigg Boss previous seasons before, started watching the show for Gangava this time.

Gangavva heartfelt conversation with Nagarjuna wins hearts of all audience on the first day of the show. Bigg boss (Nagarjuna) introduce Gangavva as a special contestant in the house. Everyone welcomed her into the house and treats her very well.

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