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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Episode 10 Highlights: Luxury Budget Task Turns Hilarious

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the Telugu bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 9 aired on Monday, September 14 all the housemates were seen enjoying the “Luxury Budget Task” and fully entertained the audience with their performance in the task. Even Harika had attracted the housemates with her dance, singing and acting skills.

At the starting of the episode 9, Abhijeeth was seen upset as Monal was moving close with Akhil. Later Harika feeds Abhijeeth as he refuses to eat.

After that Noel and other housemates requested Amma Rajashekar and Karate Kalyani to do a romantic performance for Nagarjuna’s kannulo Ni Rupame song, following which Rajashekar makes fun of Kalyani while performing, by looking at their funny performance housemates laughed and enjoyed it.

After that Monal and Abhjeeth were seen talking with each other personally, and Abhjeeth requests Monal to consider his proposal.

The next day starts with a high energetic dance performance by housemates for Allu Arjun’s Blokbuster song. Later Lasya and Devi had an argument over Lasya selecting Amma Rajashekar as ration manager for the house.

Mehaboob lifts divi and looking at it Amma Rajashekar made fun of him and challenged him to lift Karate Kalyani. Mehaboob accepts the challenge and even lifts her.

Bigg Bos gave a task to Harika to attract all the housemates following which Harika succeeds to impress the housemates with her sole dance performance for Ippatikinka Naa Vayasu, followed by her singing a rap song.

Harika even danced with Akhil for Adereti dressu song, finally she played a drama by introducing Noel as her lover to Gangavva, who played as her grandmother. Gangavva refuses for the marriage and it turned out more hilarious with Gangavva refusal for their marriage proposal despite their efforts to convince Gangavva.

Later Akhil feeds Monal at the dinning table, by watching which Abhijeeth gets hurt.

Bigg Boss Calls Sujatha into confession room and gives her file with list of instructions to be followed during Luxury Budget Task. This week Bigg Boss had asked contestants to act well in the serial scripted by the Bigg Boss.

As per the serial task Kalyani is mother of Divi and Abhijeeth is her son, while Sujatha is her daughter in law and Devi is maid in her house. Bigg Boss had given them a marriage task in which Akhil was foreigner who comes to marry Kalyani’s daughter Divi. While the rest contestants were instructed to act in advertisements which will be telecasted between the serial.

In one advertisement team Noeal and Sohail were sons of Gangavva while Harika and Aryina were her daugther in laws.

In the second advertisement team Lasya and Monal were Mother and daughter while Amma Rajashekar and Mehaboob comes to their house with a marriage proposal for Monal And Amma Rajashekar.

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