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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Day 5 Highlights | Divya Open Up For The First Time In Bigg Boss House

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: For the first time in the Bigg Boss house Divya Vadthya aka Divi opens up her mouth in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Episode 5 on September 10.

After Netiznes started trolling Divi for her silence in the house, Bigg has ended that by giving a task to Divi to speak about what she had noticed in other 15 contestants.

Following the Bigg Boss task Divi points out the following qualities in the housemates.

  • Divi said that Akhil is an actor
  • Amma Rajasekhar is the most entertaining person and liked by everyone, said Divi
  • Divi advises Gangavva not to become emotional and responding to her advice Gangavva satires Divi.
  • Abhi is a cool and chilled person and he had anger issues which needs to be controlled, Divi
  • Divi said that lasya is sensitive, Lasya gets offended by Divi’s words.
  • Harika is active and super funny, Divi
  • Divi said that Monal is a hyperactive girl and involved in everything, and advises her not to cry for silly issues
  • Divi said that Tv9  anchor Devi is perfect in everything and she is unpredictable at times.
  • Noel is point ridden person, said Divi
  • Kalyani is a person who reacts to the situation and advises her not involve in all things
  • Surya Kiran speaks about every person and he needs to reduce his anger, said Divi
  • Divi said she doesn’t know much about Aryina and Sohail as they had entered the house just now.

Later Harika and Divi discuss Lasya being hurt with Divi’s words during the task. Later Surya Kiran appreciates Gangavva for her fast learning skill and discusses with her Katappa in the house.

Bigg Boss calls Ariyina and Sohail into the confession room and instructs them to question each of the 14 contestants about who they think as Kattappa in the house. After they both announced the same to contestants but they refused to trust them.

But a few of the contestants open up in front of Ariyana and Sohail over Kattappa. Gangavva said that Akhil might be the Kattappa, Amma Rajashekar Said that Noel is the Kattappa, Devi said that she doesn’t suspect anyone in the house as Kattappa, while Mehaboob suspects Lasya as Kattappa.

A few moments later all the contestants were seen enjoying with Gangavva as she started telling everyone about their attitude and behavior in the Bigg boss house.

After that Big boss has given “Tomato Pulp Game”  to contestants and divided them into 4 teams each with 3 members. While Aryina Sohail was the quality check Managers and Gangavva is their assistant who monitors the quality of pulp being extracted by contestants.

 In the next episode promo Bigg Boss had asked all the 16 contestants to stamp individually on the person’s face whom they suspect as Kattappa.

Here comes a twist: while the 15 members were stamping name Kattappa on the suspected persons of their choice, Noel was seen stamping on his own face and said that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone so he stamped on his face.

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