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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Day 4 Highlights | Gangavva Turns A s Lady Baahubali For Bigg Boss

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Episode 4 started with a prolonged heated argument between contestants ended up with Gangavva funny comedy scenes and her satires.  Gangavva turned as a lady Baahubali by entertaining all sections of audience with her all round entertainment skills.

The episode 4 of Bigg Boss started with arguments between a set of two groups, first group includes two contestants Ariyana and Syed Sohail Ryan who were kept in a secret room and the second group consists of 14 other contestants in the Bigg Boss House.

Meanwhile most of the Bigg Boss show audience feel bored to watch the routine fights and emotional scenes between the contestants, but the only thing which is more entertaining the audience is Gangavva.

Highlights of Bigg Boss Episode 4:
Bigg Boss had intentionally provoked Ariyana and Syed Sohail to develop an arguments with the 14 housemates as they have ignored them and denies to send food for them.

The Bigg Boss show starts with the two secret contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu entering into the house and gradually develops an argument with the rest of 14 housemates.

As the housemates were already extra careful after Bigg Boss informed them that there is a Kattappa amongst them who is trying to deceive them, Now the entry of two more contestants ignites several doubts and confusions in the rest 14 housemates.

Ariyana and Sohail argued with Noel for disconnecting their call and said they were hungry from morning to night 12.30, and didn’t have anything to eat. Later Noel clarifies his reason for disconnecting the call, and says that Sohail made a mistake by portraying himself as Bigg Boss and demanding food.

A few moments later Abhijeet argues with Sohail and says that he doesn’t show his attitude towards the rest of the housemates. Both get into a verbal war by pointing fingers towards each other.

Meanwhile Aryina tries to provoke Noel but he cleverly diverts her and says that you cannot provoke me and takes a chill over the situation by saying a Pawan Kalyan dialogue.

Aryina plays a master game with contestants and orders them to feed her, following which Akhil feeds her. Noel gets into an argument with Akhil over the same and explains to him that Aryina might be doing all these as a part of a task.

After all the heated arguments and emotional scenes of the housemates. The next day starts with an energetic song from Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu from Khaidi No 150 Movie. All the Housemates were seen dancing with a new energy for the song including Gangavva.

Then everyone in the house gets into  exercises and work out sessions, Gangavva is seen exercising by lifting the dumbbell and inspires everyone.

She even sends flying kisses to Bigg Boss. She makes fun of Noel by questioning him over his work at home.

When Laasya and Harika question Gangavva if she is ready to give off his sarees if somebody kidnaps Harika and demands them to release her for which Gangavva frankly replies saying that she won’t. 

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