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Watch: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Day 2 Highlights

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD:  The Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 reality show second day kick started with an energetic dance performance by all contestants including Gangavva to Prabhas Psycho Saiyaan song from Saaho movie.

Several Interesting things took place in the Bigg Boss house on the second day and for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu two contestants started fighting with each other on the second day and both became emotional and cried down in the show.

Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Day 2 :  

On the second day Bigg Boss had strategically shown all the key moments that have taken place between all the 16 contestants including Syed Sohail Ryan and Ariyana Glory who were kept separately in a secret house.

While dancing for the morning song in the house Syed Sohail Ryan and Ariyana Glory were seen getting close to each other and Ariyana sat on the back of Sohail and helped him in his work out.

Even the 58-year-old Gangavva was seen energetically stepping along with 15 other contestants for the morning song.

In the second day of Bigg boss house a heated argument took place between Karate Kalyani and Jordar Sujatha, after Sohail calls to the Bigg Boss house on Bigg Boss order and demands the food by hiding his identity.

Sohail, who was in the secret room, phoned the contestants in the house and ordered food under the name of Big Boss. The phone was picked up by Jordar Sujatha .

Noel said that the person who spoke in the phone was not Big Boss, as he could he hear the voice of a girl next to the man who spoke in the phone.

Kalyani argues with Sujatha for not asking the identity of the person who demanded food.

After that, as part of the Bigg Boss game, Bigg Boss sent a letter by postcard to housemates and asked each of them to explain what was written on the slip. In this task Monal Gajjar becomes emotional and even Gangavva cries by seeing her.

Later the Nomination process starts in the house, all contestants were nominated by dividing them into seven different couples, and when one couple goes for nomination the rest 12 contestants had unanimously elect one person in the each nominated couple for elimination and the second one was saved as per the Bigg Boss orders.

Karate Kalyani and Sujatha had developed a heated argument with each other during the nomination process.  

Even after nomination Sujatha tries to interact with Kalyani but she refuses to speak, and makes an attempt to prove sujatha is guilty. Even they had an argument over sharing cooking responsibilities

Lasya and Monal Gajjar tries to settle down the situation, but their efforts goes in vain. Finally kalyani speaks to Sujatha and told her that you are like my sister and apologize her if she had hurt her with any of her words.

Finally at the end of the show Bigg boss sends a letter to the contestants and says that one among them is katappa who is making attempts to spoil the efforts of all contestants.

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