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Bigg Boss Telugu Monal’s Epic Reply To Abhijeet Adult Question

by Bellamkonda

Get ready for some more dreams in the house as we are inching for another round of elimination.  Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants Abhijeet and Monal always manage to be in the headlines. Bigg Boss lovers are waiting with bated breath to see the reunion of lovebird Monal and Abhijeet. 

During the initial stages of the show, Monal said she like him and they are more than friends. But, Abhijeet is being far from her as he knows the confused mind of her. The show finally received the tadka and drama it needed to boost the TRPs. Last night, the task was to check ‘Concertation levels of the housemates’, Monal was the first contestant to participate in the task.

All the housemates were trying to disturb her with silly questions. She has chosen to separate mustard seeds, Sohel, Ariyana, Abhijeet and Harika trying to disturb her. Abhijeet is seen asking Monal “ How do kids will born? Sohel, Ariyana and Abhijeet were seen shocked with Abhijeet’s question to Monal. They went far from them. Monal gave an answer that ‘Mother will go to the hospital, the doctor will help her and it’s a gift. Abhijeet banter with Monal has left everyone in splits. Check out the Twitter reactions:

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