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Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 19 Highlights: DIVI Cries As Bigg Boss Sends Noel To Jail | Gangavva Slaps Monal

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Noel was sent to Bigg boss Jail  In the episode 19 of Bigg boss Telugu reality show aired on Thursday, as most of the contestants in the Bigg boss house voted him as the worst performer in “Ukku Hrudayam” task. After Noel was sent into prison Divi becomes emotional and cries infront of Amma Rajashekar as Bigg Boss sent Noel into Bigg Boss prison.

Bigg Boss had ordered housemates not to offer any food other than Ragi java and a fruit to Noel. Divi feels herself as the worst performer and felt bad for Noel as he was sent to prison instead of her. Divi said Amma Rajashekar that she was unable to come out after she was kidnapped by opponent Robos team of Abhijeet.

Meanwhile Bigg Boss declares Robos team of Abhijeet as winners of Ukku Hrudayam” task as both Abhijeet and Gangavvawer left with charging during the ending of task time. Bigg Boss had also congratulated humans team for their efforts to win the task.

Monal becomes upset with Abhijeet betraying their team members and said Noel that she wouldn’t want to speak with Abhijeet, but however Noel convinces her to speak with Abhijeet.

Avinash cheats Amma Rajashekar and silently gets charged from his pointer, after which Amma Rajashekar said that he wont trust Avinash for his lifetime for cheating his trust for the sake of a game.

For the First Time in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 the Gangavva who always remained supporting contestants had now becomes violent and slapped Monal Gajjar, after Monal had focibly taken Gangavva Robo dress from her was seen lifting a chair and throwing it away In front of Monal and arguing with Monal over taking her dress. Meanwhile Monal was also seen fighting with Lasy and Aryina over the task. 

Harika and Abhijeet had a discusion over Monal, and Monal said Devi that despite her attempts to speak with Abhijeet Harika is coming in between them and she is hating it. 

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