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Check Out Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Title Winner, Runner Up And Top 5 Finalists

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 completed more than 60 episodes and only a few days left for the season 4 to end up. All the contestants delivering their best in terms of tasks to be in the title race of the Bigg Boss season 4. So Now the most discussing topic on the social media platforms about Bigg Boss and also  of the Biggest question that is striking the minds of Bigg Boss audience is Who will be the title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4? and who will be title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 , who will be the runner up and the list of Top five Bigg Boss Telugu finalist.

Unlike all the other three seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu, in this season 4 Bigg Boss is giving much screen space to a few contestants over others like Monal, Abhijeet, Akhil and Sohel were given much screen space than others. Even Bigg Boss had saved few contestants like Monal, mehaboob and Amma Rajashekar from elimination by giving special immunity to them, Bigg Boss had eliminated few strong contestants like Devi Nagavalli, Divi and Sai Kumar to save Monal and few other favourite contestants of Bigg Boss against the audience poll. So it become quiet unpredictable to audience too guess the elimination process in Bigg Boss house, and the title winner.

Among al the nine contestants almost all the housemates nominated her in the Bigg Boss Week 10 nomination process. Monal don’t have much audience support from Telugu people so she doesn’t have chances to become the winner and Ariyana losing audience support with her bitter fights with audience and Avinash lost hi strust in audience with his fight with Noel and ABhijeet. So now netizens started posting that Abhijeet is the only person in the house who is eligible to win the title winner trophy of Bigg Boss season 4. Even after Akhil entry into Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss giving much screen space to Akhil and Abhijeet so it is clear that they might be in the final race of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Abhijeet, Akhil, Avinash, Sohel and Lasya might stay in the top five list of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 and Bigg Boss will surely eliminate Sohel, Lasya and Mukku Avinas as the have less fan following and will get less votes when compared with the two strong contestants Akhil and Abhijeet. After that Bigg Boss will leave the rest chance to the audience to choose their favorite contestant among Abhijeet and Akhil as the title winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

As Abhijeet has strong fan base on social media platform when compared with Akhil so he might emerge as the title winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4, but if Bigg Boss wants to twist the result he might announce Akhil as the winner and Abhijeet might turn into a runner up. Even in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, Rahul Sipligunj was announced as the title winner but most of the audience expected Sreemukhi as the title winner.

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