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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 This Weak Contestant Entering Into Top 5

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has completed 87 episodes and is heading towards the grand finale and the show has become tough among the top contestants of the season. Contestants Abhijeet, Harika, Sohel, Akhil, Ariyana, Avinash and Monal are in a race to compete in the grand finale which is scheduled to be held on December 20.

All the contestants are competing well for the title race for the past few days but in this season Bigg Boss has one favourite contestant among the seven contestants who were left in the house for the finale race. She is none other than Monal Gajjar, despite audience strongly demanding to eliminate Monal from the show Bigg Bos is saving her from elimination even though she is bagging very less votes when compared with other contestants in nomination list for elimination.

Bigg Boss had eliminated strong contestants like Kumar Sai, Devi Nagavalli and Divi for saving Monal, and also given much screen space when compared with other contestants. Now Bigg Boss has also started a campaign for Monal with the help of Nagarjuna., as Nagarjuna was seen praising Monal several times in  the weekend episodes to create an impact on the audience which will help Monal to get more votes.

Now Bigg Boss is portraying that she became stronger and playing her individual game, so from all this netizens are guessing that Bigg Boss Telugu 4 weak contestant Monal will surely enter in Top 5 race for Bigg Boss title Trophy.

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