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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Netizens Trolls Sohel, Calls Him As Psycho

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is running as a good mix of unexpected twists and turns, and the equations in Bigg Boss house is changing with each passing day.ohel is one of the strong contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 4, and most of the audience considering him as a strong competitor for title race along with Abhijeet. But he clearly failed to keep up his craze.

Sohel is losing control over his emotions at times he becomes hyper and the same thing happened in yesterday episode. While discussing about the worst and best captain in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Sohel directly said that Ariyana is the worst captain and even said that he suffered a lot during her captaincy.

Following that he had a discussion with Monal in which she said “Chi” which triggered his anger and he completely lost his control and behaved so strangely. Even Akhil tried to control him but he still doesn’t listen to Akhil. By looking at his strange behaviour netizens started trolling his stating that he is so scary and he has anger management issues.

Meanwhile Akhil and Ariyana are in danger zone for this week elimination as they have reportedly bagged few votes when compared with Monal and Avinash escaped from elimination this week with eviction free pass. If Akhil gets eliminated this week then Sohel will breakdown emotionally with the elimination of Akhil.

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