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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Most Cunning Contestant

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: One cannot deny the fact that Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is receiving positive responses from fans and audiences alike. Any wild guesses? Who is the most cunning person in Bigg Boss Telugu 4? There’s no prize for guessing that we are talking about Bigg Boss Telugu 4 cunning person. The latest buzz on social media suggests that it is Akhil Sarthak who is the most cunning person in the house.

Let’s take a few instances, Akhil pretends in the show as he loves Monal so much. Probably, he might be pretending as he is loving Monal to get footage in the house. If we love any person sincerely, we will go any lengthy to do anything for them. But, Akhil nominated Monal for two times, one time he got saved from himself and pushed Monal to the nomination.

Recently, in unseen video, Akhil made some comments on Sohel comparing to Dog and all the housemates every laughing at Sohel. Akhil is betraying his friendship with Sohel because he is talking behind his back with Abhijeet to become a good and trusted friend to him.

Friend will have equals rights to comments but Akhil should keep in mind that the audience are watching the show. During one of the nomination process, Akhil is seen telling it’s national television, people are watching words and use words carefully, he suggested to Abhijeet. These all rules will not apply, when it comes to him, that’s why netizens considered as the most cunning person in the house. These few examples are pretty enough to justify who is cunning person in the house.

It is worth mentioning that, Ariyana, Amma Rajasekhar and Harika are in the race for the captaincy of this week. Guess what? Amma Rajasekhar will emerge as a captain of this week. Stay tuned to The India Media for more updates.

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