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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Makers Planning To Make Lasya Winner?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Anchor Lasya is one of the strong contenders in the house. The current season have many new faces and Lasya is one of the popular contestants among these all.

Lasya came to participate in the show by leaving her two-year-old son. Probably, she is getting good pay for being part of the show. She shares a close bond with Abhijeet, Harika in the house. But, she is always stays away from controversies.

Speculations are doing the rounds that Abhijeet and Akhil may not become the winner of the season. As you all know, Abhijeet enjoys good amount of fan following but he can’t perform well when it comes to physical tasks due to health reasons.

While coming Akhil, he is giving his best in all the tasks but he is not maintaining a genuine relationship with Monal. Now and then, Akhil often loses his temper and lash at his friends Sohel and Mehboob. Probably, the makers might have been observing their actions.

So they may not declare them as a winner, but, Lasya has more chances to lift the trophy of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. So far, we haven’t seen any female winner. Lasya deserves to become a winner because she came leaving her son. So that could be the reason makers would be planning her to make a winner. Hold on, guys, this only general talk on social media. Let’s wait for the grand finale.

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