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Abhijeet Went To A GAY Restaurant

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Young Actor Abhijeet has been hitting the headlines for all good reasons. He emerged as one of the strongest contestants in the house. Last night, Bigg Boss assigned a secret task to the contestants. All of them have shared their own dark secrets with the audience. While coming to Abhijeet, he shared his USA experience.  Abhijeet stepped into a restaurant to have a coffee and one person came and sat right in front of him.

The anemones person had asked Abhijeet, Are you new to the city. Abhijeet said ‘yes’ to his answer. He seems to have asked Abhijeet ‘s phone number. Abhijeet felt a bit strange when he asked the number but he gave his number to him. Later, Abhijeet got to know that he accidentally went to a gay restaurant without reading the name.

Akhil who will decide whether the letter should reach the contestant or not. Akhil was impressed with Abhijeet’s secret task and sent Abhijeet’s letter to him. Abhijeet’s mother wrote to him to concentrate on the game and wished him all the best. She penned a heart-touching letter to him.

It is worth mentioning that Abhijeet is believed to have entered into a safe zone with highest votes. Guys, Abhijeet won’t be leaving the house this weekend. All credit goes to his fans and follower’s support. Monal or Mehboob one among these two will get eliminated from the house this weekend.

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