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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Akhil Is On Cloud Nine For This Reason

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The game of Bigg Boss is only getting more and more unpredictable with each episode. We have already told you the equation is the house won’t be the same, even best friends turn toes and coupes end up arguing with each other. On Saturday’s episode, Nagarjuna is seen giving a lecture to Abhijeet for crossing his limits in the house. Abhijeet fans have trolled Nagarjuna for targeting Abhijeet. He is trending on social media.

Some of the Akhil fans could be on cloud nine as Nagarjuna yelled at Abhijeet for not doing the tasks. Abhijeet and Akhil never shared a good rapport in the house. They often fight inside of the house. The latest buzz on social media suggest that Akhil and fans might have happy with Saturday episode as Nagarjuna gave a long lecture to Abhijeet.

Later, Nagarjuna requested Abhijeet to focus on the game. Nagarjuna asking the contestants to play the game with folded hands has become a hot topic on social media. Is contestants are not living up to show makers expectations. They are coming up with different straggly to attract the audiences but all of their plans seem to become a huge flop.

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