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Watch: Bigg Boss Secret Task To Harika To Kill 3 Housemates

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 completed 50 days and is inching towards the finals. Bigg Boss trying to increase the TRP ratings with a variety of tasks and twists in the Bigg Boss house. As Week 9 captaincy task Bigg Boss has given “Palleku Podam Chalo Chalo” task to housemates.

As a part of the task Sohail is the head of the village and Lasya is his wife and Ariyana is their daughter. Amma Rajashekar is given task to impress Lasya. Mehaboob is give the role of Rowdy as usual. Mukku Avinash played the role of a Pan Shop owner and Mehaboob is his brother. Mehaboob and Harika are lovers.

Akhil is a irresponsible citizen, who keeps on complaining village head about everyone. Bigg Boss given task to Avinash to impress Ariyana. Abhijeet and Monal were husband and wife in the task. One murder took place in Bigg Boss house and everyone doubt that Mehaboob might be the reason behind this. Bigg Boss had given secret task to Harika in this task. Harika is the serial killer in the house who needs to kill three persons Amma Rajashekar, Mukku Avinash and one more person of her choice.

To kill Amma Rajashekar Harika needs to pour coffee on Amma and to kill Avinash Harika needs to irritate him and Bigg Boss gives her freedom to kill a person of her choice by just writing the name of person on the mirror.

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