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Bigg Boss Punishment To Love Pairs Monal-Akhil and Harika – Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 reality show completed seven weeks and is now running as a good mix of unexpected twists and turns. In the 55th episode of Bigg Boss aired today  Bigg Boss had given a special task to housemates by dividing them into 5 couples.

There are currently 10 members in the House after Noel left the Bigg Boss House due to illness. The couple is Akhil-Monal, Abhijeet-Harika,Mehaboob- Sohail,  Amma Rajashekar- Lasya and Avinash-Ariyana. Bigg Boss advises each couple to go to the Confession Room and give a name board to any one couple which suits them, and all the name boards must be chosen from the boards made available by Bigg Boss.

Name Boards Given To Couples:

  1. Harika- Abhijeet couple gives MESSY PAIR name board to Lasya- Amma Rajashekar
  2. Sohail- Mehaboob couple gives LAZY PAIR name board to  Avinash – Ariyana
  3. Lasya – Amma Rajashekar couple gives ZERO TALENT pair name board to Harika- Abhijeet
  4. Monal- Akhil couple gives  LIAR PAIR name board to Mehaboob-Sohail
  5. Ariyana- Avinash couple gives  EGOIST PAIR name board to Monal- Akhil

Bigg Boss Punishments To 5  Couples:

  • Bigg Boss Advises Monal – Akhil to prove that they were not egoistic pair by being patient to all the provoking actions of housemates when the buzzer rings in Bigg boss house.
  • Avinash – Ariyana were asked to do all the work given by the rest of the housemates when buzzer rings in the Bigg boss house to prove that they were not lazy.
  • Bigg Boss ordered the Mehaboob-Sohail pair to reveal the truth about Bigg Boss housemates to prove that they were not a liar pair.
  • Lasya- Amma Rajashekar were asked to jump in the swimming pool every time after the buzzer rings in the Bigg Boss house.
  • Bigg Boss advises Zero talent pair Abhijeet-Harika to prove their talent with a performance every time when the buzzer rings in house.

Meanwhile  Amma Rajasekhar, Aryiana, Mehboob, Lasya, Akhil and Monal have been nominated in the 8th week nomination process. If Bigg Boss show makers eliminates two contestants In 8th week elimination, then there will be only a few strong contestants and only 45 days are left for this season to end up. Currently there are only 10 contestants in the house.

As per the reports from all un official polls  Amma Rajasekhar and Mehboob are in the danger zone for this eviction week. As among all the nominated contestants Amma Rajashekar and Mehboob are lagging behind all other contestants in polling.  

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