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Bigg Boss New Twist: Dethadi Harika Saved From Elimination In Sunday’s Episode, Sunday Turns As Funday In Bigg Boss House

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss had given a new twist in today’s episode by saving the dethadi Harika from Elimination and had frightened Dethadi Harika with fake elimination in episode 15 aired on Sunday and saved her at the last moment.

After the IPL 2020 season started on September 19, the Bigg Boss is trying to increase the interesting elements in the show with all new twists and turns, to increase the TRP ratings of the show.

Nagarjuna saved her by giving a warning that no body should self nominate themselves from Bigg Boss house from now.

In the Monday episode Promo Dethadi Harika was seen angry on Mehboob who had nominated her for elimination.

After all the seven contestants Amma Rajashekar, Sohail, Abhijeet, Sai kumar, Harika and Noel saved from Elimination. Only Monal And Harika, remained in the danger zone and Nagarjuna said that housemates who were not nominated this week will decided the contestant of their choice for Elimination.

Following the housemates choice Harika was Eliminated and in teh last moment she was saved from the elimination by Nagarjuna.

Even it is seen in the released promo Monal Gajjar becoming emotional and Akhil was upset after the Harika’s name was announced in Elimination but to prove all the leak as wrong Bigg boss had taken this decision of saving Harika.

This promo is released to create suspense in the audience and mislead them by highlighting Monal and Akhil motional over the elimination but however dethadi Harika is the finally saved from Elimination in today’s episode.

Even Harika become emotional after announcing her as eliminated contestant from show and hugs Abhijeeth while she was about to leave the house. Finally She was saved and housemates expressed their pleasure over Bigg Boss saving Harika from Elimination.

Bigg bos Makers were trying to make the episodes more entertaining with new tasks, and the tasks performed by contestants on Sunday turned hilariuos.

On Episode 15 telecasted on Sunday, Nagarjuna is back to normal from his anger in previous episode and boosts the contestants to stay chill by forgetting the elimination.

Dethadi Hraika was selected for eliminated to create fear in the contestants of the Bigg Boss house over self nominating them for elimination.

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