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Bigg Boss Master Plan Behind Nominating Monal, With Harika’s Captaincy Power

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Only a few days left for Bigg Boss Telugu 4 to wrap up. The show has turned interesting, crucial and there is no clue who will face elimination as well as the become winner.  As you all might aware that, Monal, Ariyana, Avinash and Akhil are nominated for this week eviction.

If you ask us who will get eliminate, Monal and Avinash are the weak contestants compared to others. Last night, All the contestants were seen arguing with Monal and requesting her to swap as they think of themselves as strong contestants than her. Looks like it could be Bigg Boss master plan to nominate his favourite contestant Monal, so that Monal will gain both Abhijeet and Harika fans votes and will emerge as a strong player and her staying in Bigg Boss house will help Bigg Boss to gain good TRP ratings.

This has become a hot topic on social media. It is being said on social media Harika became captain because of Monal but the former nominated her this week eviction. Bigg Boss gave a special power to Harika who is the captain of the house to swap someone (Monal or Sohel) with nominated contestants to escape elimination.

Harika couldn’t find reasons to nominate Sohel and she has chosen to nominate Monal by doing swapping with Abhijeet. Harika and Abhijeet have a special inside of the house. Netizens are sharing their thoughts on social media that it’s Bigg Boss master plan to nominated Monal for this week elimination. It remains to be seen whether will she leave the house or not this weekend. Let’s wait and watch.

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