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Bigg Boss Master Plan Behind Making Abhijeet Director Of Monal Akhil Love Scenes

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss contestant Monal Gajjar has become a household name even before the TV reality show. She has worked in a few Telugu, Tamil films and also enjoys a huge female fan following in both Telugu speaking states. She is one of the strong contestants in the house and most of the time, Monal is getting a lot of screen space comparing to other contestants.

In a release promo, Bigg Boss assigned Task ‘Bigg Boss Blockbuster’ where Abhijeet will be as a director while Monal and Akhil will play lead roles in the task. For those who don’t know, Abhijeet is maintaining distancing from Monal ever since she blamed him in front of host Nagarjuna. Monal is playing with Abhijeet and Akhil emotions.

Now, Abhijeet has to direct the film and he has to shoot the film few sequences between Akhil and Monal. Abhijeet might be ignoring Monal but deep down he still loves. Bigg Boss assigned the director job to Abhijeet is see to his expressing and to create good TRPs ratings. It will be a tough job for Abhijeet to see their over actions during the shoot.

On the other hand, there’s also buzz that it could Monal last week in the house, that’s why they are projecting the tasks between Abhijeet and Akhil to create a stir in the house. Can’t wait to watch ‘Bigg Boss Blockbuster’ episode

The third-week elimination is around the corner. Avinash, Abhijeet, Ariyana, Noel, Divi, Monal have been nominated for this week’s eviction. According to reports, Monal will be the contestant to walk out of the show, in this week’s elimination round. We already told you that people are requesting Monal to remove her from the show. Show organizers might keep her as she is generating a lot of stir in the house. Let’s wait and watch who will pack their bags this weekend.

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