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Bigg Boss Love Birds In Opposite Teams Spoiled the Task | Akhil Vs Monal | Harika Vs Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Big Boss has given Dasara’s special luxury budget task “Konte Rakshasulu Vs Manchi Manashulu” to the Bigg Boss housemates this week. As Dasara is a festival of good achieving victory over evil forces,  In a similar way in the Konte Rakshasulu Vs Manchi Manashulu task housemates were divided into two groups of good and evil forces.  Ariyana, Avinash, Akhil, Mehboob and Harika are in the team of  Konte Rakshasulu , while the rest are in the team of Manchi Manashulu.

According to the task  Konte Rakshasulu will be irritating housemates with their works and Manchi Manashulu team members have to patiently tolerate them and win tasks to turn at least three Konte Rakshasulu as Manchi Manashulu to win the task.  Manchi Manashulu team can break two heads of 10 headed lord Ravana idol kept in the Bigg Boss garden area each them won one task and can turn a Konte Rakshasulu into Manchi Manashulu team member.

As a part of the task Konte Rakshasulu (demons or devils) seemed to be behaving so cruelly towards Manchi Manashulu team members. However, Manchi Manashulu  patiently completed each task and was only one step away from success.  

  1. As soon as the task begins, Ariyana is full on aggressive mode and suited well for the devil task, and she was seen rubbing turmeric on the face of all opposite team members.
  2. Akhil rubbing cream on all Manchi Manashulu team members
  3. Avinash entertained the audience by turning as Ravana and delivered a few dialogues
  4. Mehboob transformed Sohail into a Mummy by covering him with white papers.
  5. Monal is seen hugging Avinash repeatedly in the task
  6.  Noel was seen very well performing in the task and never loses his cool despite Konte Rakshasulu team irritating him.
  7. Harika also tried her level best to irritate Manchi Manashulu team members.
  8. Amma Rajashekar  tries to bring Konte Rakshasulu on to the track of peace but fails in it.

Everyone in the house performed well in the task except Love birds Monal -Akhil and Abhijeet and Harika who were seen supporting each others. Akhil didin’t perform well as he is in opposite team of Monal and even Harika did the same.

Monal continued her same Hugging Mantra on Mukku Avinash.  Manchi Manashulu completes two tasks successfully and turns Akhil and Harika from the opposite team as Manchi Manashulu. 

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