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Bigg Boss Episode 9 Highlights: Traingular Love Between Monal, Akhil and Abhjeeth, List Of Nominated Contestants

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the Telugu bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 9 aired on Monday, September 14 Sai Kumar Pampana introduces himself to the the rest 15 housemates in the morning . Bigg boss highlights triangular love between Monal, Akhil and Abhjeeth.

He gave entry into the house as wild card entrant and Nagarjuna and Bogg Boss doesn’t reveal the entry news of Sai Kumar to housemates.

So by noticing him sleeping in the sofa Devi was shocked and tries to open the blanket which he covered but couldn’t do so as he Sai Kumar said that she will be nominated f she opens his blanket, But Divi opens the blanket and sees him. Later Sai Kumar introduces himself to all the Bigg Boss housemates.

Traingular Love Story Between Monal. Akhil and Abhijeeth

Later Traingular love story started between Monal Gajjar, Akhil and Abhijeeth. Monal was seen talking to Akhil very closely in kitchen, She asks Akhil to sng a song for her, Akhil sing a song for her Monal gets impress with that. She introduces Akhil To her Mom through Bigg boss Cameras.

Even Abhjeeth makes attempt to get close to Monal but she doesn’t pay much attention to him. Abhijeeth question smonal why she becomes emotional if Surya kiran leaves the house, Monal expressed anger at Abhjeeth for questioning her emotions.

Abhjeeth Satires On Monal that she has river Narmada in her eyes and always cries for silly thingss. By looking at tehir closeness Akhil feels bad and doesn’t talk to Monal for sometime. Following Which Monal becomes emotional and requests Akhil to speak with her.

Nomination Task:

After that Bigg Boss started the Nomination process for the second week by giving a boat task to all the housemates except Lasya as she is a captain and saved from teh task and Nomination process.

As a part of the task, 15 contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu including the newly entered Wild card entrant Sai Kumar Pampan to sit in a boat and it will halt in 9 station where anyone among them needs to get down the boat after they hear a buzzer sound. The person who gets down the boat will be directly Nominated.

List of Nominated Contestants By Getting Down the Boat:
Monal Gajjar
Syed Sohail Ryan
Karate Kalyani
Amma Rajasekhar
Sai Kumar Pampana
Dethadi Harika
Abhjeeth Duddala

All the 9 contestanst had voluntarily get down the boat at each stop after hearing a buzzer sound. While the rest 7 seven members including Lasya were in safe zone from Nominations this week

List Of Saved Contestants:
Lasya Manjunath
Ariyana Glory
Divi Vadthya
Devi Nagavalli
Mehaboob Shaikh
Akhil Sarthak
Jordar Sujatha

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