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Bigg Boss Episode 13 Highlights : Bigg Boss Punishment To Contestants | Monal Warns Avinash For Playing Funny Jokes On Her

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the Telugu bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 13 aired on Friday, September 15 all the housemates were seen struggling for the Bigg Boss Punishment for violating the BB house rules, meanwhile Mukku AVinash fully entertained the audience with his performance in the comedy skit. Noel elected as Captain of the Bigg Boss house for the second week.

At the starting of the episode 13, Bigg Boss who was angered with Monal and many others who were violating Bigg boss house rules of speaking only in Telugu, and not paying attention to his commands.

Bigg Boss had imposed a strict punishment to housemates who had violated the Bigg boss House rules by speaking in other languages, for not paying attention to his commands and for not wearing mike properly.  

Monal, Akhil, Abhijeeth, Noel and Harika were asked to write on a board that we will never speak in another language in the house, and expressed apologies to Bigg Boss for what they have done. Noel became Angry at Bigg Boss and said he had decided to leave the house by informing the host Nagarjuna this week.  Noel even demands Apology from Buigg Boss.

Bigg Boss had also ordered all the housemates to take sit ups for 20 times every time when they hear the buzzer sound, meanwhile Lasya has to sacrifice one of her personal things and keep it in the store room if anyone violates Bigg Boss rules in the house.

While Mukku Avinash and Sai Kumar Pampana were asked to get divided into teams and perform the skits, housemates had voted for the Mukku Avinash team skit as the best skit, while Bigg Boss announced both as best.

All teh housemates except Monal and Abhijeeth were seen spending fun time alll together with singing and dancing while Monal and Abhijeeth were busy with their love track.

After that all the contestants unanimously elected Noel as captain among Mehaboob, Abhijeeth and Karate Kalyani  who were nominated for captaincy tasks basing on their performance in the Comedy Skits task.

After that Monal expressed her anger at Mukku Avinash for repeatedly making fun of her and said that she doesn’t like Avinash making fun of her, and also said it is okay for her if it is Akhil who plays joke on her.

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