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Bigg Boss Contestant Sohel First Telugu Movie Confirmed, Details Inside

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Syed Sohel has been hitting the headlines for all good reasons. He won million of hearts during his stint in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house. It wouldn’t be crime if we said that, Sohel became extremely popular than winner Abhijeet.  It’s dream almost every actor harbours and looks like its going to come true for Sohel. Yes, Sohel has made an announcement that he has bagged a Tollywood as the lead actor. After his stint in Bigg Boss, the sohel was more in news for his on and off relationship with Mehboob than anything else.

It is indeed a dream come true for Sohel, guess all his antics on Bigg Boss and on social networking sites finally paid off, especially those shirtless pictures. Ahem… ahem! Sohel said he will soon announce the name of the movie along with a lot more details very soon. Frankly, we are waiting with bated breath to find out who will play Sohel’s heroine in his big debut film, aren’t you?

The movie was announced by Appi Reddy who produced the low budget superhit George Reddy and the comedy movie Pressure Cooker.  Srinivas Vinjamnampati who directed popular short films like Nene Kaani and O Chinna Maata will be directing the Sohel starrer.  Shooting for the movie will kickstart from February.

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