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Bigg Boss Blocks Abhijeet and Harika Voting Lines For Saving This Contestant

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is grabbing headlines and has been into controversies more than all other seasons of Telugu for the un expected strategies of show makers right from the Day 1 of this season. Now netizens started trolling Bigg Boss makers for blocking voting lines to Abhijeet and Harika. Yes What you read is right! After Bigg Boss Master plan of targeting Abhijeet failed as audience started trolling Nagarjuna for yelling at Abhijeet for no reason, now the show makers might have planned to lower the audience support to Abhijeet by blocking his voting lines to certain people which will result in less votes for Abhijeet, which will also lower his self confidence and in turn have a impact on his game play.

Bigg Boss makers might have stopped voting lines for Harika also as she is a close friend of Abhijeet and if she gets eliminated this week with less votes Abhijeet will be left with no support. Bigg Boss makers might be doing all these to save Monal Gajjar from elimination and also to stop the one side victory of Abhijeet. The audience will lose the interest to watch the show if they can easily guess the winner. Meanwhile according to the current buzz on social media either Harika Or Avinash will be eliminated this week.

Meanwhile Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4completed 88 episodes and is inching towards its finale and only a few days are left for this season to end as the grand finale is scheduled to be held on December 20. If you take a look, there are only seven strong contestants in the house and five contestants have been nominated for this week’s eviction. So if Avinash or Harika are eliminated then Abhijeet, Akhil, Ariyana, Sohel and Monal might enter into top 5 for the title race.

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