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Avinash Escapes Elimination, One Among These Two Will be Eliminated This Week

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Mukku Avinash who had made entry into Bigg Boss house a wild card and now he managed to be in Top 7 list of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. In fact he is the only wild card entrant who managed to sustain in Bigg Boss Telugu house till the final race. Most of the audience and even the host Nagarjuna praised Avinash several times as the best entertainer in the Bigg Boss house.

But now he lost focus on his game for the past few days and started a sympathy game to gain audience attention for votes. With this there is a slight decline in the percentage of votes polled for Avinash. Buzz is that is he is also in danger zone for this week elimination along with Harika and Monal who were in the bottom list in terms of audience poll.

The latest reports suggest that there is an increase in votes for Avinash for the past two days as top celebrities like Sai Kumar, Naga Babu, Hyper Aadi and Jabardasth comedians started campaigning for him and sought audience support.

Even Monal’s behaviour towards Avinash kicking on his face with shoes pushed Monal into the Danger zone and gained audience sympathy for Avinash as Monal  admitted her mistake and apologized to Avinash by touching his feet in Yesterday’s episode. So this led to decrease in votes for Monal and Avinash is reportedly in upper hand over Monal and Harika. So one among Harika or Monal might leave the Bigg Boss house this week.

Harika also performed well in all the physical tasks in ticket to finale task and gained audience attention, and she had her own fan base and is at safe zone when compared to Monal. But we have to wait and watch to know if Bigg Boss eliminated this week as per the audience poll or continue to save Monal as usual against the audience poll.

But there are high chances for Monal elimination this week as now both Akhil and Abhijeet also lost interest in her and Bigg Boss had also highlighted Monal’s negative side in Avinash case, so this might be a hint of Bigg Boss to the audience over Monal Elimination.

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