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Ariyana Friendship and Love Story, Meets Her Boyfriend In Bigg Boss 4

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Ariyana is truly playing the game well. There were multiple times when saw her become emotional but she didn’t fake it for the TRP’s sake. She is a brave and strong girl in the house. She is putting 100 percent effort each and every task.

Ariyana shares a good rapport with each contestant in the house and her best friend in the house is none other than Jabardasth Avinash. Everyone are thinking they are more than friends by seeing their closeness. Looks like Ariyana has clear the air about her relationship with Avinash. Do you how and when? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you.

Ariyana’s met her boyfriend Vineeth who came a special guest to meet Ariyana in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 in today’s episode. Ariyana is seen crying for him. She is seen saying to the housemates that he was with me through thick and thin,he is a very special person in my life and we were friends fo rthe past 12 years, she also shouted I Love You Vineeth while he was stepping out from Bigg Boss.

Looks like she seems to be a loyal girlfriend to him and she cleared all the doubts with her latest magic words in the house. Likewise, she has cleared everyone’s doubts about her relationship with Avinash.

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