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Ariyana Master Plan To Win The Bigg Boss Title Trophy Defeating Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Ariyana glory is one of the strong female contestants  in Bigg Boss Telugu 4, she managed to stay in the Big Boss house till the 13th week with her effective gameplay. She has gained her own fanbase with straight forward nature and never hesitated to speak about the flaws about other contestants In Front of them. She was nominated for elimination last week and if she gets saved this week with audience support then she will be in the top 5 finalist race for the title trophy of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Buzz is that Ariyana seems to be afraid that she might get eliminated this week and making all the desperate attempts to point out the flaws of other contestants of Bigg Boss house like Monal and Sohel. Untill the last weekend she used to expose the flaws of housemates only during the nomination, but now she is making attempts to continue in safe zone by pushing other contestants into danger zone by marking targets as only one contestant will be eliminated in the last week and rest will be entering the grand finale.

bigg boss ariyana

Netizens claim that Ariyana choose the no emotion task for implementing her plan of provoking Monal and Sohel who cannot counter her back in the task, and even if they counter it will be a loss to them as they will get defeated in the task. In this process Ariyana cleverly exposed their mistakes and they didn’t counter her as a part of task.

Ariyana intentionally provoked Sohel and made him to lose temper and they both developed a verbal spat and following that she used women card and even questioned Bigg Boss How can Bigg Boss allow such aggression against a female?. Netizens doubt that Ariyana who had were cleverly pushed Sohel into Danger Zone to stay in Top 5 of Bigg Boss title race, can also repeat the same with Abhijeet  to win the title race, by exposing all his flaws and mistakes which might decrease his votes and will help her to win the title trophy.

Ariyana might target Abhijeet over her low performance in Bigg Boss in all physical tasks when compared with her and argue that she is most eligible person for the title trophy than Abhijeet. So who do you support to win in the title trophy in Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

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