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Ariyana Falls In Bigg Boss Trap, Loses Audience Support And Inching Towards Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu is getting even more interesting than before. Now and then, Bigg Boss Telugu contestant Ariyana Glory has been hitting the headlines for her aggressive behavior in the house.

Ariyana Glory is one of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant who is gradually increasing her graph in the show with effective performance . But for the pas few days she became aggressive and there’s no denying that Ariyana has been fighting with everyone in the house and it is evident. Ariyana quarrels with Sohail and insulting Avinash couldn’t go unnoticed. Few of the contestants are against her in the house. Ever since Ariyana became captain of the house and she is doing a lot of overreaction in the house.

That’s not all, Ariyana behaved as a sadist during ‘Face Cover Task’ and she tortured Monal, Harika as it is only a lifetime chance for her. Looks like Bigg Boss is might be using her to behave aggressively in the house. Last night, Bigg Boss asked who is the best captain of the house so far, he also suggested Ariyana to take her performance also into consideration. So, Ariyana declared her name as the best captain of the house. Looks like Ariyana is damaging her image by showing attitude and doing show off in the Bigg Boss show. It seems she is playing according to the Bigg Boss rule and she forget to play her own game.  

Ariyana forgot that in Bigg Boss house, it is not enough to just play the tasks correctly but the contestants should also be wise enough to tackle the tricks of the Big Boss team. But Ariyana loses her craze in audience with her attitude towards other housemates in Bigg Boss.

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Ariyana misusing the appreciation from Bigg Boss team and falls in the trap of Bigg Boss show makers who had intentionally provoked her to loose her audience polls. In unofficial polls she is lagging behind other contestants of Bigg Boss telugu 4 nominated contestants this week. If she continues her attitude then there might be chances that she would get eliminated from the show in coming weeks. This might be the actual plan of Bigg Boss to save Monal Gajjar by eliminating Ariyana in the next week.

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